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Thank You For Considering Our Practice

It is probably not by accident you are here at our site…as we have found the majority of our patients are referred to us by medical doctors, physiotherapists and other chiropractors.

Please keep in mind that we are NOT your typical “pop, crack and go” chiropractic clinic. Elite Chiropractic is designed to provide the best structural corrective care healthcare has to offer. Our approach combines aspects of structural chiropractic and cutting edge functional movement approach to create solutions to patients’ problems.

Our treatments are non-invasive and we provide simple customized exercises that allow you to move better in and out of the office.

My goal for you is to achieve independence; hence, we do not put patients on endless treatment plans. Everything in our practice is done for a reason, you deserve more than a short-cut.

And by the way, in our office, a consultation is ALWAYS a casual conversation (AND not a commitment). After all, we are not the right office for every person, so doesn’t it make sense to find that out before you begin a relationship with our practice?  We think so, and hopefully – so do you

– Dr. Tiu

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