What Is Structural Chiropractic

What Is Structural Chiropractic 2017-05-10T02:05:16+00:00


 Get To Know The Basics…

Most chiropractors are of the traditional variety, a great place to start would be to define what is considered “traditional chiropractic” care.

Traditional Chiropractic has the following goals:

1. Decrease Muscular Spasm
2. Increase Range of Motion
3. Reduce Pain

This is what MOST chiropractors offer in a way of care, and we believe that most of these folks do a great job at what they do.

Structural Chiropractic

At Elite Chiropractic, we focus on Structural Correction of the spine in an effort to improve/correct the presence of a primary condition called Structural Shift.

Most of the cases that make their way into our practice, often as a referral from other chiropractors and medical doctors in the area, are for the correction of a significant Structural Shift of the spine. These structural shifts are the underlying cause that often reveal themselves as “symptoms” – or what Structural Doctors refer to as Secondary Conditions. Structural correction exclusively focuses on correcting the underlying cause – the Structural Shifts.