What Do I Need To Know Before My Examination?

What Do I Need To Know Before My Examination? 2017-06-05T07:07:43+00:00

Plan Ahead…

As a courtesy, we do not perform an examination until we have a conversation. Our consultation is complimentary AND always a conversation, this allows us to (fully understand your health priorities and goals) and learn about you and for you to determine whether we are the right solution. After the consultation, YOU may elect to proceed with the Structural Chiropractic Examination, or schedule at a later date if you so desire.

What to Expect from a Structural Chiropractic Examination?

photo_10 A Structural Chiropractic Examination is comprehensive and it takes approximately 45 mins to complete depending on the severity of your condition. If indicated, your Structural Chiropractic Examination will include:

1. Precision Structural Radiographs
2. Digital Symmetrical Structural Analysis
3. Structural Laser Thermographic Evaluation
4. Functional Assessment, Orthopedic and Neurological Tests

Our Structural Chiropractic Examination is designed to detect not only structural shifts, but allows for a better understanding of your spine compared to what’s considered “normal.” After your examination, we will schedule you for a conference where we will explain our findings, and how things work should you decide to work with our office.